23 – 27 september 2009

Weapons : Women’s epee, foil, sabre. Men’s epee, foil, sabre. No team component to the Championships.

Programme and schedule of the events : See the programme to follow.

Accreditation :

The participants will have to present the following documents at the time of the accreditation. Passport, FIE license 2008/2009, medical certificate (attesting the aptitude of the participants to practice fencing in competition) and discharge of responsibility (signed letter the day of the accreditation)


The participants will be divided into 2 groups according to their age appearing on the passport:

Category A: 50 to 59 years old at September 1, 2009.

Category B: 60 years old and more at September 1, 2009.

Category C: 70 years old and more only for men's sabre and epee


FIE medals for the winners in each category.

Gold, silver and two bronze medals, as well as diplomas, for each category.

Formula :

Pools of 6 or 7 fencers, bouts of 5 hits of 3 minutes. After the pools, direct elimination in 10 hits, 2 rounds of 3 minutes, with one minute pause between each round.

Sabre: 1 minute pause after 5 hits.

If there fewer than 10 fencers in a category : Single pool.


The number of entries per federation is limited to 4 participants per country and weapon.

Entries must be sent by the national federation of each participants to the Fencing

Organization Comity, before September 1, 2009 deadline.

Entries must be sent only on the registration form which is on the web : per e-mail:

According to the FIE, an entry fee is 55 euro per participant and per one kind of weapon. Entry fe should be paid on the day of the accreditation.


Participating delegations must be accompanied by the number of A, B, referees provided for by article 0.88 of the rules : 1 to 4 fencers : No obligation, 5 to 9 fencers: 1 referee, 10 of more fencers: 2 referees. For every missing referee a charge of 500 euro has to be paid in advance at the beginnig of the competition. The organizers will supply all referees with drinks and refreshments.

Equipment of fencers: The personal equipment of the fencers must comply to the FIE rules. A control of the equipment will take place the day before each of the competition events FIE uniform and equipment regulations for World Championships apply i. e FIE Blades, Uniform, Names, etc… The transparent mask is obligatory at saber competitions.

Travel and Stay: Travelling, accommodation and boarding expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

P.S. The decision exists about participation of the categories 70+ in mens epee and sabre. The FIE decision about participation of the category 70+ in mens' foil will be maid at 27.06.2009


SportComplex CSKA

Leningradsky prospect, 39